The Ultimate Dance Education Kit


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The Ultimate Dance Education Kit 

This 500-page manual contains everything teachers and students need to be successful at dance education, creative movement and embodied learning in many subject areas!

This resource directly supports, and completely covers the Ontario dance curriculum K-8. 

Posters, flashcards and CD are all K-12.


Included in The Ultimate Dance Education Kit:

130+ Dance Lesson Plans and Activities (K-8): 

       • cross-curricular connections in many subject areas

       • integrated arts units for every grade

       • social justice units and character education

       • cultural context activities 

Assessment Tools & Strategies: (FOR, AS and OF learning)

       • Formative; anecdotal notes, formative assessment form, checklists

       • Summative; class list rubrics, individual rubrics (with and without achievement chart categories)

       • Strategies built in to every lesson plan

Student Worksheets in ENGLISH and FRENCH: 

       • elements and vocabulary of dance

       • choreography activities

       • peer and self-assessment checklists

“Elements of Dance” Poster Set in ENGLISH and FRENCH: double-sided 8.5×11

       • 6 posters; relationship, body, energy, space, time, movements

       • images and illustrations depicting the elements and components of dance

“Elements of Dance” Flashcard Set in ENGLISH and FRENCH: double-sided 5×7 

       • 116 cards with images, individually depicting the elements and components of dance

        • printed 2-up on a page, to be trimmed and laminated

Additional Resources: 

       • literary works and lesson support materials

       • music & video suggestions

       • dance terminology and glossary

“Music for Inspiration in Motion” CD: 

       • 20-song instrumental compilation of music from diverse cultures, genres and styles

       • a variety of tempos and moods, appropriate for all ages

       • ideal for creative movement, dance and music education or any artistic environment 



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