Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses in Ontario this summer! Why an AQ? Read on!

Up your Drama and Dance Game with an AQ! Looking for new ways to bring drama and dance into your classroom?  Why not take or continue your professional development in dance and drama by enrolling in one of the many Additional Qualification courses offered this summer?  There are so many benefits of taking an AQ and we at CODE thought we would highlight a few. 


1. Increase Professional Knowledge

Teaching is not a stagnant profession and there are always new and exciting developments

which aim to enrich our pedagogical practices.  Enrolling in any AQ exposes you to this but

in Drama and Dance you can learn how to incorporate them into any and all subjects.  They

are great tools to foster inquiry and explorative learning in our students as well as offer

differentiated instructional opportunities.  Especially if Drama and Dance seem like a foreign

subject for you to teach, taking these AQ’s will increase your comfort level and expertise

whether you are starting with your basic qualification or mastering your craft doing your


2. Networking Opportunities

What better way to learn than from other people?  One of the best aspects of taking Drama and

Dance AQ courses is the people you meet.  The opportunity to learn from other educators is

invaluable and even more exciting is the exposure to guest artists, dance and theatre companies

and industry experts and professionals.  Building this network of artists and educators allows

you to bring them to your students in your class to enrich their experience when you bring all

your new and fantastic expertise back to your classroom.

3. Drama and Dance AQs are the most fun!

Seriously though, you spend your time learning through play and doing what a better way to

learn?  Experiential learning through a variety of activities and styles is the best way to

experience these subjects.  We at CODE know full force the joy and value of learning through

Participation. It’s what we do and what we advocate for, and it is the best way to form bonds, gain experience and build ways to bring these to your classrooms and your students.

Check out the AQ courses offered this summer to begin or continue your journey in Drama and Dance Education!


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Additional Qualifications Courses offered Summer 2016

Brock University

-June 30-July 22 Instructor: Debra McLachlan Intermediate Basic Dramatic Arts



-July 4-July 21 No instructor available Drama part 1, 2, Specialist Face to Face

Intermediate Basic/Part 2: Peel T.L Kennedy


Western University

-July 4-29 No instructor available Honour’s Specialist/Specialist in class


University of Windsor

June 20-August 7 No instructor available

Dance 1, 2 & Specialist blended


York University

July 4-19 Michelle Hillier 1,2,3 & Specialist (Swansea Town Hall) Blended


Will O’Connor Drama 1,2,3 & Specialist Face to face

& Bruno Pileggi Senior Basic (St. Basil the Great College School)


Ian Armstrong Drama all available courses

Turner Fenton



July 4th - August 5th    Brooke Charlebois Drama Part 1 and 2 and Specialist


July 4th - August 5th    Clyre Lyndley Dance Part 1 and 2 and Specialist

*Note that CODE only  lists online offerings in drama and dance that have  a face to face/ on-site  component.