World Theatre Day

March 27 is World Theatre Day!Created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute, today is a day we celebrate the power of imagination, the importance of telling stories and the power of the theatre to do just that. 

Prologue Spring Showcase 2013

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 Prologue for the Performing Arts is hosting its annual preview Spring Showcase on May 28th, 2013 at Young People's Theatre. For more information check the invitation here:

Chicago Public Schools Work to Make the Arts a Core Subject!

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Chicago Public Schools are working to increase dedicated arts instruction times and the number of certified arts instructors in their schools.The full Arts Education Plan can be accessed here: coverage of the plan can be viewed here:

CODE in the News!

CODE's recent press release on the value of drama teachers has been heard!  Journalists in Ottawa have had an exciting dialogue on Twitter for the past few days on the value of drama teachers as it related to the Trudeau ads. Thank you to all of you who shared the press release on Twitter and Facebook. We know our members care deeply about the integrity and importance of our profession and the value of drama in education.President, Brooke Charlebois has been contacted by a number of journalists regarding our press release and, yesterday the Ottawa Citizen published a piece about how insulted teachers were with the tone of the Conservative Party attack ads.  Brooke spoke about the importance of drama and gender stereotypes.  Click here to read the article: 

CODE's Response to the Conservative's Remarks About Justin Trudeau's Work as a Drama Teacher

CODE members,Many of you have inquired about CODE's response to the Conservative Party's remarks about Justin Trudeau's ability to be a leader based on his work history, which included two years as a drama teacher. Below is CODE's official statement to the media about these remarks. 

Activity of the Week - April 8-12Members only

This week's activity is a simple warm-up that works brilliantly in an elementary or secondary school classroom.  It is especially good as a team building exercise, encouraging the students to figure out a way to communicate together.ACTIVITY: Flip it!TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Warm-up; team building; communicationPROPS: A blanket or bedsheet

Field Trip Opportunity to York University

On April 19, York University's Department of Dance will be presenting a student matinee performance of 'Rite Dedux, Celebrating One Hundred Years of Le Sacre du printemps'.April 19, 12:30pm (1:00 pm curtain) Event will conclude at 2:00pm COST is $5 per person / group bookings onlyFor more information about this excellent opportunity for students, read on.

Codie Abroad: The 2013 AITA/IATA World Congress in Austria

AITA/IATA is the International Amateur Theatre Association, an international organization based in Central Europe that hosts World Congresses for educators and theatre practitioners, as well as Chidlren's Theatre Festivals around the world. I was fortunate enough this March to be invited to present at the World Congress, and have lots of news from abroad to share with my CODE colleagues.

The Academy of Fight Directors Canada Announce Their 20th Annual National Stage Combat Workshop

The Academy of Fight Directors Canada is pleased to announce its 20th annual National Stage Combat Workshop, to be held July 13-28th, 2013 at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

Research and Advocacy for Drama and Theatre: The DICE Report

DICE (“Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education”) was an international EU-supported project to research and support the teaching of drama and theatre in educational contexts. In addition to other educational aims, this two-year project was a cross-cultural research study investigating the effects of educational theatre and drama on five of the eight Lisbon Key Competences. Read more to get access to the research and educational materials created through this important project.

ETFO AQ Opportunity

ETFO (Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario) is offering a unique and exciting opportunity for teachers wishing to get an AQ in one of the arts. Read on to learn about the destination courses being offered this summer!