"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls " at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

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On Saturday November 18th at 2PM, Roseneath Theatre will be holding a reading of their new play Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.The play follows the story of 9-year-old Fiona who comes out as male-identified Fin. Fiona has always had this feeling – knowing something is different but not knowing what it was or how to say it. Fiona cuts her hair short and asks her family to start using the name Fin. Dad is accepting of the change right away, but Mom doesn’t quite get it at first. Always from a place of good intentions, we see Fin’s family struggle with this change and through the course of the play ultimately begin to accept and embrace Fin for who he is.

Codie Abroad: The 2013 AITA/IATA World Congress in Austria

AITA/IATA is the International Amateur Theatre Association, an international organization based in Central Europe that hosts World Congresses for educators and theatre practitioners, as well as Chidlren's Theatre Festivals around the world. I was fortunate enough this March to be invited to present at the World Congress, and have lots of news from abroad to share with my CODE colleagues.

The Academy of Fight Directors Canada Announce Their 20th Annual National Stage Combat Workshop

The Academy of Fight Directors Canada is pleased to announce its 20th annual National Stage Combat Workshop, to be held July 13-28th, 2013 at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

Research and Advocacy for Drama and Theatre: The DICE Report

DICE (“Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education”) was an international EU-supported project to research and support the teaching of drama and theatre in educational contexts. In addition to other educational aims, this two-year project was a cross-cultural research study investigating the effects of educational theatre and drama on five of the eight Lisbon Key Competences. Read more to get access to the research and educational materials created through this important project.

ETFO AQ Opportunity

ETFO (Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario) is offering a unique and exciting opportunity for teachers wishing to get an AQ in one of the arts. Read on to learn about the destination courses being offered this summer!

The Students' CornerMembers only

Hey CODE members! For our newest blog, The Students' Corner, we'd love to hear from your students. Is there an exercise or unit that your students really felt helped them grow as performers or young adults? If so, ask them to write a short piece that explains how the exercise works and why it had such a strong impact on them. Submit their entry to daniel.lalonde@code.on.ca and it may end up on the CODE site as a resource for teachers. For younger students, perhaps their teachers could explain how the unit works and the student could write about why they enjoyed the unit so much. The second entry for The Students' Corner comes from a Grade 12 student at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School in Mississauga.

Step Into Motion 2013 - On Road

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Step Into Motion 2013-   On the road....

Codie Abroad: Teaching Shakespeare and New Initiatives from the University of Warwick

This week, our Codie Abroad profiles the Teaching Shakespeare program, a new program available to educators around the world through the University of Warwick and the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as Jonothan Neelands' recent work teaching creativity to Warwick Business School students.

The Students' CornerMembers only

Without a doubt, our greatest source for Professional Development is hearing what teachers around the province are doing with their students to encourage their artistic growth in dance and drama.  Our newest blog, The Students’ Corner aims to share effective activities and lessons, but this time, from the point of view of our students.  CODE members are doing incredible things all over the province, and here is your chance to find out your students’ favourite activities and units.  Ask your students to write a short piece on what their favourite activity/unit was and how it worked.  Let them know that teachers all over Ontario could read their submission so they should be specific in their description of the exercise.  Also, once they have explained how the activity works, have them write how it benefited them as performers and people.  Did it help them really break down their wall?  Did it allow them to see the world from a brand new perspective?  Maybe it helped them understand a concept they were having trouble grasping. We are looking for submissions from teachers and their students  all over Ontario.  For the younger students involved in drama and dance, perhaps they could write why they enjoyed the exercise and their teachers could break down how the exercise works. Feel free to submit your responses to daniel.lalonde@code.on.ca. Check out the CODE site often for new drama and dance exercises – brought to you by the students. Our first submission comes from a Grade 11 Drama student at Meadowvale Secondary School, in Mississauga.

Activity of the Week - February 18-22Members only

This week's activity is an excellent warm up that all grades will love.  It can be used in conjunction with a mime unit, characterization unit or as a way to challenge students to freely use physical expression.  Check out the CODE site every week for a brand new warm-up/activity.Activity of the Week: Exaggerating CircleType of Activity: Physical warm-up; observation; mime; characterRequired Props: None

Special Teacher Offer from The Shaw Festival

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The Shaw Festival is offering a special teacher rate for upcoming shows."The Shaw Fesitval is reaching out to teachers with a special theatre ticket offer.  We would like to invite teachers (and a guest) to attend a production of Guys and Dolls, Lady Windermere's Fan or Major Barbara between April 3 and July 7 for only $30!  Check out details here: http://www.shawfest.com/education/just-for-teachers/special-ticket-offer/