Learn more about the 47th Annual CODE Conference - Claiming Our Voices

CODE is thrilled to announce that the 2017 Conference page is live and accepting registrations for the 47th Annual Conference, Claiming Our Voices.  From October 13-15, Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario will become the place to be for drama and dance educators and artists! To learn more about the conference, read on!

Date with Dance - FREE for CODE MembersMembers only

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Before March Break, come on a Date with Dance Wednesday March 6th, 7:00pm Go on a “date” with the charming Nova Bhattacharya, Artistic Director of Nova Dance. Your date is clearly trying to impress you by taking you to the Gladstone Hotel’s Gallery. While you enjoy a drink and appetizers, Nova will tell you about herself. 

Codie Abroad: Drama Education News from Across the Pond

As some of you may know, my term as CODE President concluded with the beginning of my four-over-five sabbatical and a move to England to begin postgraduate studies. Over the past five months, I’ve become immersed in the world of drama education, both in theory (through my reading and university studies) and in practice (through school visits and volunteer teaching). This entry is the first in what will be a series of posts highlighting issues, trends and helpful information from ‘across the pond’. As the unofficial ‘CODE Ambassador’ to the UK, I hope to promote the fine work we are doing in Ontario and bring professional knowledge to my friends and colleagues in the CODE network. I’m also happy to answer your queries about topics of interest to you, so feel free to add your comments to this post and I’ll be sure to follow up in the future!

National Roundtable for Teacher Education in the Arts DRAFT REPORT

The NRTEA is a Canadian think tank  or laboratory of idea makers, made up of experienced,  passionate, innovative, creative and ever-learning individuals who wish to meet, discuss, share and identify possible avenues, challenges, solutions and new frontiers for teacher education, as inspiration and support to all those engaged in arts education.

Activity of the Week - February 4-8Members only

This activity may be best suited to a secondary drama class and it is a fun way to teach students that their observational skills may not be as keen as they think.Activity of the Week: The TourType of Activity: Warm-up; observation; activating the senses (great in conjunction with an Adler or Hagen unit)Required Props: Paper and pen

ASK A TECHIE - "What were the set pieces in the Penelopiad made of?"

Ask a Techie is a new feature on the blog.  Through this blog, CODE's resident techie will answer questions pertaining to technical theatre.  Today's question comes from Wendie, who asked:"I just saw the Penelopiad performed by Nightwood Theatre at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto.  In the play, they used a variety of stairs and boxes that the actresses moved easily and looked incredibly light, and yet they were sturdy enough for them to stand on and walk across.  What were they made of?"I was wondering myself, so I went to see the performance (which closed today).  In the play, large blocks and four sets of stairs are used to transform the architecture of the stage.  As I watched, the performers easily lifted, slid and pivoted the set pieces to change the architecture of the stage and to build various set properties from beds, to tables, to ships, to palaces.  In the side of each set piece were oval holes used as handholds.  The pieces seemed so sturdy and so solid that it was curious how they could be so light.I talked with the designer Denys Karn about what kind of material she used for building it and she told me that they used a material called "Plycorr."  They started with a standard wooden frame and then instead of using 3/4" plywood (which one normally would use), they used 1" thick Plycorr on the tops where actors stood and 1/2" Plycorr for the sides.  They taped the edges and then glued fabric to it.  She did warn that the material is about $75/sheet, when plywood is usually only $50/sheet, and that it does not last as long.  She also warned that if the area is large enough, cross-braces might be needed to add support.  If using for your school play, careful planning and use of the material only on certain set pieces could make still be a worthwhile expense.As a thank you for her answer, I promised to post a link to Nightwood Theatre's current fundraising campaign, 10,000 Women.  Click the link to find out more about how Nightwood Theatre supports women artists in a male-dominated industry. If you have a tech question, send it to askatechie@code.on.ca

Call for Workshop Presenters for 2013 CODE Conference

We are now receiving applications for the 2013 CODE Conference at Deerhurst Resort.  Any interested parties should visit and fill out our application page.  The theme of this year's conference is "Back to Basics."Applications are due by Thursday, February 28th at midnight. 

The Travelling Stage - 10 Year Anniversary Special Offer for Teachers

The Travelling Stage has information on their 10th Anniversary offer:In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, The Travelling Stage is doing something very special that we've never done before.We're offering 10 workshops for $1000+hst!The Travelling Stage was built on a promise to keep arts affordable and accessible to all schools.  This promotion is our way of saying thank you for being a part of our growth and for helping us to enrich the lives of students through dance, drama and yoga.The Travelling Stage works with over 200 schools across Ontario.  Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of our journey.www.travellingstage.com

Activity of the Week - January 28-February 1Members only

This is another fun tableau activity that will be fun for elementary and secondary students.  It is a short activity so it can also make for a great warm-up.Activity of the Week: "The Teacher's Trip"Type of Activity: Warm up; tableau; physical expression; teamwork; improvisationRequired Props: None

Activity of the Week - January 21-25Members only

Here's a cool little exercise that works well as part of a tableau unit, or on its own.  It works best with a class that you know can handle some of the subject matter with maturity. Activity of the Week: Tableau CircleType of Activity: Tableau; Warm-up; Showing how drama can be used as a way of exploring personal/social issues; physical expressionRequired Props: Music  

Activity of the Week - January 14-18Members only

Here is another great activity to try in your class.  It is particularly good in helping students break down their wall and get more comfortable with physical expression.  Check the CODE site every week for a brand new activity.Activity of the Week: Tell That Story Type of Activity: Warm-up; Physical Expression; Specificity in Movement Required Props: None