On “Playing Pretend”: Making Space for “The Real” in Elementary Education

As an artistic community who are heavily invested in the health of drama and dance education in Ontario, it is important to celebrate some of the great work being done with Pre-Service educators at the university level.  The importance of effective pedagogy in drama and dance education in Ontario Faculties of Ed. is vital to the future of these art forms in schools. Under the guidance of Professor Christine Jackson, pre-service student Jessamyn Polson has written a paper that explores the role that drama and dance can play in assisting with the exploration of potentially difficult themes and topics in an elementary setting.  Both Christine and Jessamyn have been kind enough to share their work with CODE. Read on for context and insight from Christine Jackson and to read the paper submitted by Jessamyn.A big thank-you to both for the exciting work you do on behalf of students and the arts.  Bravo!  

Cinderella by Risa ProductionsMembers only

Risa Productions is presenting Cinderella in the fall. For the CODE members' discount, visit our show discounts page!"Cinderella" is one of the most popular and recognizable pantomimes of all time. This magical, musical tale is of a girl who is picked on and cruelly treated by her stepsisters; who does all the dirty dishes, cleaning and cooking;who wished to go to the Grand Ball; who is granted the once-in-a-lifetime chance and who eventually, wins the hand of the handsome prince and lives happily ever after! Our show is great entertainment for the whole family.  Children and adults alike love the combination of outrageous costumes, slapstick comedy, recognizable songs, dancing and audience participation.  Come and participate in one of the best Festive traditions of all time!Performances will take place at the Markham Theatre and Whitby Centennial Theatre from November-December.  For schedule, visit their website.For the CODE Members' discount, "Read More"

Sir Kenneth Robinson's 2010 TED talk on Education Revolution

Another inspirational talk from creativity expert Sir Kenneth Robinson.

Announcement of Grant Awards for Post-Secondary Studies in Drama & Dance!

CODE Members will be interested to take note of this announcement of possible funding for students of the arts!  You are encouraged to spread the word on this wonderful grant opportunity.It gives me great pleasure to inform you of the 2010 Hnatyshyn Foundation program of Developing Artists Grants. In July we will be awarding grants of $10,000 each to eight exceptionally talented young Canadians undertaking post-secondary studies in the following performing arts disciplines: classical ballet, contemporary dance, acting (English theatre), acting (French theatre), classical music (piano), classical music (orchestral instrument), jazz performance (instrumental or vocal) and classical vocal performance (Posters for all of the categories can be found on our website)...Continued after the jump...

TDF's Theatre Magazine by and for teens

This is worth checking out for yourself, your drama, dance and musical theatre students.  I've just discovered this page myself and I'm now thinking of ways to use it in my classrooms to engage students with theatre in their own community as well as the larger world.http://www.tdf.org/playbyplayonline/

A link to Sir Kenneth Robinson's talk with TED, plus a bonus link

This is an inspirational talk.  It is well worth a listen.  He speaks about how creativity is AS important as literacy and we should treat it with the same respect.  Enjoy and share. To see more:http://www.globecampus.ca/in-the-news/article/exclusive-video-sir-ken-ro... 

A Great Resource for all teachers in Performing Arts - and it's Free!

There's a wonderful e-magazine filled with new and cutting edge information about technical elements of theatre and dance.  The resource can be sent to your email on a regular basis.  It's eco-friendly and filled with more information that one could probably use.  It could even be a good research point for a senior class - depending upon the assignment.Go to:http://stage-directions.com/subscribe to subscribe for their email newsletters and e-magazine or simply check it out.

Resource Stage

Teachers in the London area of Ontario have a great resource at their fingertips and a quick visit to this website can provide some other great resources to teachers across Ontario. Horizon Solutions in London, Ontario has been offering monthly seminars in theatre tech for years.  I first heard of these from a teaching colleague and this has finally led me to check out their website.  At www.resourcestage.ca my most excited discovery was their list of resources including a glossary of audio terms.  When you visit their site, scroll over to the right to where there is an icon of a folder and you will discover a selection of free resource materials.  The Glossary of audio terms piqued my interest and it is definitely comprehensive.  I'm sure you'll find other items there that interest you and perhaps can be useful in your Drama or Dance classroom.

Welcome to the new website... and please bear with us...

Welcome to CODE's brand new website.  Please bear with us while we try to clear the dust in the renovation.  There are probably issues that we had not anticipated that will require some attention, so we hope that you can help point out any problems or confusions that we are having.  Let us know what's going well and what is not by e-mailing us on our contact page.  Your patience and feedback are much appreciated. We anticipate some hiccups with the migration of our member database. We were forced to reset all passwords with the migration (a security precaution) so if you cannot log in, reset your password in the field in the top right-hand corner of the site.  You may be asked to reset your password as we slowly activate the accounts over the next 2-3 days.We are currently completing edits for some of the resources.  We have a number of dance units and some drama focus course profiles which will be posted to the website by the end of the month.  Your patience as we complete the editing process is appreciated.Please feel free to log in and post comments to this blog post.  Click "Read More" to make your comments.

Toronto Dramafest 2010

Ellison Travel is now offering their 2010 Drama Festival. Schools are invited to visit and see shows, take workshops and to see the sights.